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Energy Merkaba Metatron's Crystal Grid Board

Energy Merkaba Metatron's Crystal grid board,+ 12 Tumbled Stones, 1 Raw Amethyst + Burlap Drawstring Satchel

Invite the beauty of healing energy into any sacred space with this energy focused crystal grid board set. Designed to align and amplify the energy of a crystal collection, this board marries the divine nature of sacred geometry with the dearest intentions, creating a powerful tool for manifestation and transformation.

12 Natural and sustainably sourced tumbled stones.

4 Red Jasper
4 Kabamba Jasper
4 Blue Lace Agate
1 Amethyst Vug

*PLEASE NOTE SIZES BELOW : This is a smaller set and is similar to a coaster size.

Rune wood board : 3.8" in diameter.
Tumbled Stones: 7-9 mm
Amethyst: 15-19mm
Burlap storage/travel satchel