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Protection (Holy Basil) Mini Seed Ball Gift Box Set

Holy basil is an ethically sourced plant powerhouse with an incredible array of superpowers. Enjoy the mature plant as a tasty edible with antioxidant properties that defend against stress and offset heavy metals.

Basil is also a topical powerhouse with benefits that include inflammation reduction and incredible antimicrobial properties. Each seed ball is made with 100% recyclable and biodegradable ingredients.

Seed balls are an ancient technique for propagating plants that preserves and protects seeds while they germinate and grow roots. Each seed ball is handmade with recycled materials. 

Instructions: Press 1/3 way down into soil, do not bury. Place in full sun or very sunny location. Can be planted in a pot, planting container or directly in the garden. Allow space from mature plants around the planting area. Keep moist and water as needed.