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Lucid Gem Tomato Tarot Seed Packet

The Five of Cups and the mellow yellow Lucid Gem tomato are both visually captivating in black shoulder capes. Even in moments of disappointment or loss, there is beauty and potential for growth hidden within. Both offer a lesson in perspective: the tomato's allure reminds us to see beyond initial appearances, much like the Five of Cups encourages us to look beyond immediate setbacks and focus on what remains or the possibilities for renewal and growth. These tomatoes are wonderful sweet slicers with a stunning fusion of color. Indeterminate. Annual.

Solanum lycopersicum

Contains 15 seeds.

Full Sun

Plant: 1/4" deep

Space: 24"-36" apart

Germination: 6-14 days

Maturity: 75-80 days

Soil: optimal soil + amend with compost

Hardiness: Zone 5-10

Support: cage, stake or trellis

Instructions: Start indoors about 6 weeks before last frost. Transplant into individual pots when seedlings get their third set of leaves. Tomatoes are sensitive to freezing temperatures so wait to transplant outdoors until the soil is warm after the last frost. Sow directly outdoors in areas with a particularly long growing season after danger of frost has passed and optimum soil temperatures are 70-85ºF.

All of our seeds are sustainably sourced by reputable seed stewards in the USA. We only offer seeds that are open pollinated and/or heirloom varieties. All seeds are Non-GMO and organic (not certified).

Due to stringent laws surrounding the import of seeds to many countries, we are unable to ship seeds out of the USA and Canada.