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Hex Your Ex Ritual Kit with Opalite, Palo Santo + Sage

This handmade kit features a healing collection of items to cleanse your space and connect to Earth’s natural vibrations!

• OPALITE: The stone that symbolizes youthful optimism, playfulness and resilience. It moves energy blockages and assists during transitions of all kinds.

• PALO SANTO STICK: This "holy wood" is used in sacred plant spirit ceremonies where smoke of the lit sticks purifies surrounding energy.

• TORCH SAGE: Sage has been used for centuries as part of cleansing rituals that promote harmony, healing and wisdom.

No native areas were disturbed while harvesting the ingredients used in these products. The Sage, Palo Santo and flowers are sustainably grown with eco-friendly practices and are handpicked then dried by the sun. This product is 100% natural with no preservatives, additives, or additional scents. Ritual Kit Instructions Inside.