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FAQ : Seeds

What makes Sow the Magic seeds different? We are passionate about the magic created in the garden and the many possibilities in growing your own unique flowers, herbs and vegetables. Each tarot inspired seed packet captures the magical story about the cycles in our lives.

Our Seeds: All of our seeds are sustainably sourced by reputable seed stewards in the USA. We only offer seeds that are open pollinated and/or heirloom varieties. All seeds are Non-GMO and organic.

Open Pollinated: Open pollinated seeds are varieties pollinated by nature. Wind, insects, birds that transfer the pollen keeping the offspring plant true to type over the next generation. Saving seeds from this type will ensure that the child plant will resemble the mother. 

Heirloom: A heirloom seed usually passed down through generations in a family, but can also be from local farmers and companies. These will be an open pollinated variety that has been around for 50 years or more. 

Seed Starting: Each seed page and packet comes with detailed instructions on how to plant. Pay close attention as each type of seed has its own special conditions in which it will thrive. Some needs are more complex and will require additional steps such as soaking or prolonged cold exposure. Please follow the seed packet instructions closely with your planting zone for best results. 

How long do seeds last? Inside each plant seed is the embryo of a future plant. However, seeds do not remain alive forever. How long seeds remain viable depends on the type of seed and how well it is stored. 

Indoor Packets: The best varieties of seeds to be grown indoors are the herbs. Providing that they have enough light, warmth and space. 

Pollinator Packets: The Empress Bee packet, The Sun Flower, Strength in Echinacea Cone Flower and Diablo Cosmos are great flowers that bring bees and beneficial insects to your garden.

What is the shelf life? The shelf life of our seeds varies per seed type. All of our seed products are made and packaged to be used within a year of purchase. All the seeds are tested for viability.