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FAQ: Product Information

What is a bath bomb? A bath bomb is a pampering treat for your skin that adds an aura of excitement to your bath time ritual! The combination of baking soda + citric acid - when placed in water - creates a fizzing action that transforms your bath into a calming, relaxing, invigorating, or reviving experience as it swirls around your tub releasing its added beneficial skin enhancing butters, salts + aromatherapeutic oils. A natural gemstone is inside each of our bath bombs to help shift your energy and promote healing.

What is a shower steamer? A shower steamer - just like a bath bomb - but for your shower. It is activated by water and releases aromatherapeutic essential oils designed to help calm, relax, destress or energize.

What is the shelf life? The shelf life of our products varies per product selection. We care about the ingredients + materials used in making our products and do not believe in using preservatives to extend their natural shelf life. Our bath products are made with essential oils that can evaporate over time and are best used within six (6) months of purchase.


Tumbled Gemstones: Our stones are all natural in color and have been tumbled polished. The photos are representative of the stones you will receive. Because these are natural stones, sizes will vary.