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Divination Meditation Crystal Grid Board

Divination Meditation Crystal Grid Board + 24 Tumbled Stones + Burlap Drawstring Satchel

The Vegvísir (Icelandic for "that which shows the way") is a magical stave intended to guide the bearer through rough weather. In Icelandic lore, the person in possession of this magical compass will never get lost and can always find their way home. This wood rune casting board set is created out of laser engraved real birch plywood and is intended to uplift your space with positive guiding energy.

24 Natural and sustainably sourced tumbled stones. Each set will contain an assortment of the below types of tumbled stones. We do our best to ensure a good assortment in each set. There will likely be doubles of 2-3 stone types in each set. Such as 2 clear quartz or blue lapis etc.

Rose quartz, lapis lazuli, aventurine, sodalite, clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, yellow quartz, seraphinite, agate, blue goldstone, goldstone, celestite, emerald stone, sunstone, jasper, turquoise, green kyanite, aragonite, obsidian, opal, fluorite.

*PLEASE NOTE SIZES BELOW : This is a smaller set and is similar to a coaster size.

Rune wood board : 3.8" in diameter
Tumbled Stones: Approx 0.25"( 5-7mm)
Obsidian double pointed wand: 1.75"
Burlap storage/travel satchel