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Dragon Tongue Bush Bean Tarot Seed Packet

The Seven of Pentacles symbolizes investment and reward. This abundant plant will produce a bountiful supply of beautiful purple and green bean pods.

Phaseolus Vulgaris Annual

Also known as Dragon Langerie beans, these striking beans have a beautiful yellow interior with a green exterior speckled with purple. Beans are 6 inches in length on average and each pod contains 4-6 seeds The bean can be eaten raw or cooked.

Envelope contains 15 seeds.

  • SUN NEEDS: full sun (minimum of 6 hours)
  • PLANTING DEPTH: 1 inch
  • GERMINATION: 8-16 days
  • MATURITY: 60-100 days
  • SOIL TYPE: warm
  • SUPPORT NEEDED: Garden stake or trellisSow seeds 1 inch apart. Water regularly and continue to sow seeds every two weeks for a continuous harvest. Use a stake or trellis for support.