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Tumbled Cherry Quartz Gemstones Square Crystal Loose

CherryQuartz is a wonderful healer for emotional wounds. Stimulating the heart energy center, it will give you the feeling of a true loving environment. Believed to help diffuse strong emotions like fear, tension, jealousy, or anger.

Cherry Quartz is blushing with red and pink hues. This crystal is not naturally occurring and is a human-made stone forged out of reconstituted Quartz. Forgers melt the silica-based material down to its molten state and add cinnabar to give it the dazzling flashes of color. The cinnabar also creates cloud formations, lines and feathers adding to the beauty of this stone.

🍒 Great addition for rituals, cleansing and setting intentions for your space or altar.
🍒 Size of stones vary. This is for one piece. 0.75"-1.1" squares.
🍒 Responsibly Sourced
🍒 Origin Brazil