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Hand painted Oyster Shell Trinket Tray Dish

You Are Strong
The shell is built to withstand outside forces and turbulent waters. The strength of the oyster is a reminder that we are built to withstand much more than we think can handle and can recover from events even stronger than before.
Beautiful hand painted oyster shell with pearl design, sealed with varnish. Reverse side of shell is painted pearl. Perfect as a trinket tray for rings, jewelry, crystal holder, home decoration or a unique place to set your altar supplies. It’s also a naturally beautiful place to hold your Palo Santo sticks for sacred healing rituals. 

It’s a truly natural gift from the sea.

Hand Made in Fairview, NC

Please note that sizes and colors may vary due to this being an all natural product that is hand painted. 


Shell Size 2.9"-3.75"

Gift Box Size 4.25" x 4.25" x 1.55"